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Things to Do in Nashville - the Music City

Nashville, the music city, offers one more than just live music bars and interesting art museums. Nashville is home to the best hot fried chicken one can find in the country, so it's a must-try dish while one is here.Tourists can head over to Prince's Hot Chicken to taste hot chicken in a place that initially served it. Some of us would rather gamble at an online casino in PA than eat fried chicken.

Places to Visit in Nashville

Tourists don't need to go to Greece to visit the Parthenon because Nashville's Centennial Park is home to a full-sized replica that can bring one back to Athena the moment one sees it. The Belle Meade Plantation is another historic place worth visiting. Initially a 5400-acre plantation, the estate sheds some light into the lifestyle of the upper-class around Civil War time. If one wants to know how America's number one whiskey is made, pay a visit to Jack Daniel's distillery. Whether one is a drinker or not, taking a tour here is highly recommended.

Don't Forget the Music

Whether it's rock, blues, jazz, classical, or gospel, Nashville has it all. The music scene in the city is as diverse as the number of musicians and songwriters who choose this place to be their home. While one is here, one shouldn't miss the chance to enjoy live street performances. When the night comes, the party just begins. Spend the night enjoying live music performed by local as well as international bands. Honky Tonk Highway hosts free live music any day of the year. It's a must-go place for quality music.

Tour of Nashville - Best Places to Visit